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Fantastic Four Vol.1 - New Departure, New Arrivals

Fantastic Four Vol.1 - New Departure, New Arrivals

We have seen the future and it will be fantastic! When Reed and Sue solve family needs to relax, they take Ben, Johnny and children on sabbatical - through infinite time and space! And in the absence of Marvel's first family, chosen to replace FF - Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk, and the new Mrs. importantly - ready to protect the Earth ... four minutes Fantastic Four will be gone. What could go wrong? Find out now! As Reed Richards is trying to hide their true motives, one begins to have second thoughts (already?), Classic Fantastic Four super villain aims in the new FF, and the future of the Foundation responds to replace their mentors. Collection of Fantastic Four (2012) # 1-3, FF (2012) # 1-2 and material from MARVEL NOW! The first point # 1.

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