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Rachel Rising Vol.7 - Dust To Dust
Rachel saves Zoe's life and finds the elusive demon Malus by looking through the eyes of his last victim. In an earth-shattering showdown, Lilith confronts Malus and fights for the future of humanity. Dust To Dust is the final book in the Rachel Rising story, collecting issues #37-42.
Rachel Rising  Vol.6- Secrets Kept
Rachel wakes from a deathly sleep to find her town gripped with fear as the rise in violent deaths mount. Knowing the demonic Malus is to blame, Rachel joins forces with Zoe to find and stop their common enemy. But Malus is enamored with Rachel and makes her an offer she might not be able to refuse! Collects issues #31-36.
Rachel Rising #34
26 pages | 26.1 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Rachel Beck Zoe Mann
Zoe can count her friends on two fingers. So when Rachel lost, Zoe Manson is up side down, looking at her - and so help to everyone who stands in her way!
Rachel Rising #32
25 pages | 32.6 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Rachel Beck Zoe Mann
The new killing similar to her own, Rachel leads to suspect one of the most famous residents of the city - very famous but reclusive author. Meanwhile, Zoe sets a deadly trap for children predator.
Rachel Rising #29
25 pages | 36.6 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Jet Rachel Beck Zoe Mann
Jet and Zoe together to hunt down the deadly threat that lurks beneath the streets of Manson. Meanwhile, Rachel takes a bold plan to expose the evil cult that does everything possible to stop it!
Rachel Rising #28
29 pages | 33.1 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Rachel Beck Zoe Mann
Investigate the murder of Rachel takes a dramatic turn when she uncovers a secret society of "vampires", performing ritual murders and tips that she may have been one of his victims. Determined to find a leader, she and Zoe start working on their own rituals against the shadow clan.
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