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Black Science #32
31 pages | 89.5 мb.

Tags: Black Science Rick Remender
“EXTINCTION IS THE RULE,” Part Two Grant spent his life rationalizing and avoiding his small, personal problems by trying to fix the grandiose ones. In his mind, this sacrifice is necessary. If he didn’t save the world, his family wouldn’t have a future. But now, even that has backfired, leading Grant to a showdown with a boundless army
Deadly Class Vol.5 - Carousel
132 pages | 134.7 мb.

Tags: Deadly Class - Carousel Saya Rick Remender
It’s morning in America, and those who lived through last arc’s brutal finale barely have had time to consider what they’ve done before a new class of kids enroll in the school, eager to pick up the bloody mantle. Sophomore survivor Saya Kuroki is given a chance to ascend in the ranks of the school’s deadliest and most ruthless students,
Low #19
33 pages | 85.3 мb.

Tags: Low Stel Caine Rick Remender Image

Low #19 (2017)

Publisher: Other
Black Science #30
48 pages | 94.8 мb.

Tags: Black Science Rick Remender Image Science
NEW STORY ARC In a hotheaded attempt to rescue his daughter, Grant McKay threatens to unravel a peace treaty between three godlike races, putting the entire Eververse at risk! Big changes, bigger action, and a stunning climax that will shake the world of BLACK SCIENCE to its very foundations!
Seven to Eternity #6
40 pages | 54.0 мb.

Tags: Seven to Eternity Adam Osidis Rick Remender Image
With the lives of their loved ones on the line, can the last of the Mosak decline the Mud King's offer to save them?
Deadly Class #28
28 pages | 34.8 мb.

Tags: Deadly Class Saya Rick Remender Image
Once Upon a Time in Tokyo, there was a girl named Saya…
Low #18
31 pages | 57.1 мb.

Tags: Low Stel Caine Rick Remender Image
This is it: Stel Caine has risen from the depths to set foot on the surface of Earth, the first human in millennia to do so. But what she finds there will make her wish she never left the safe darkness of the deep sea.

Low #18 (2017)

Publisher: Other
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