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Rachel Rising #25
26 pages | 36.1 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Rachel Beck Terry Moore
Spring has come to Manson and opinions of people are turning to love, but Rachel did not know who to trust until you find the person who killed her and left her in a shallow grave. Unfortunately, in a city like Manson, she finds more suspects than allies. This issue begins a new storyline in the critically acclaimed series by Terry Moore.
Rachel Rising #24
27 pages | 35 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Jet Johnny Woodall Rachel Beck
No one is safe, Rachel, Johnny Jet and aunt are doing their best to save seed Manson revenge Lilith, the oldest witch in the world. Can the city be saved? Now or never! Do not miss this exciting issue with frightening twist!
Rachel Rising #23
26 pages | 37.3 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Bryn Erin Rachel Beck
"Snowfall in Manson is the number of victims," said Lilith. Now the small town of Manson is in complete whiteout, as the mother of all witches exacts its terrible revenge. Try as she might, there is only so much Rachel can do to stop it without the help of a little girl named Erin Breen. Do not miss the latest chapter in the famous series of
Rachel Rising #22
26 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Terry Moore
The truth behind the infamous witch burned Manson in 1693 comes when Rachel discovers the last piece of the puzzle six feet under. Will he help her save the city from revenge Lilith? Read the latest in a series of horror games known Terry Moore!
Rachel Rising #20
25 pages | 25.5 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Terry Moore Abstract Studio 2013
Rachel and Jet have to face off against Mary Scott and Hannah snake lady, if they are to save the town of Manson, and witchcraft is the weapon of choice. Rachel is ready for such a dangerous test of its long-forgotten power? Find out in the latest issue of the thriller Terry Moore!
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