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Rocket Salvage #04
Family Rocket share! With Zeta training under the mad scientist, beta, running a local lord Crime and Primo stuck in the Republic prison galaxies, it will take more than a big wrench and an apology to get this family back together!
Rocket Salvage #03
Behind the wheel of the truck space rescue, on the run from an armada of robots religious fanatics, and in order to satisfy the whims of a wild, mad scientist alien missiles are in for a lot more than they bargained for. Fortunately, if life has taught them anything, it's that nothing good is never easy.
Rocket Salvage #02
When Primo Rocket finds alien and robot federation hunt him in search of long-lost mythical weapons, he has no choice but to rope his family on an adventure across the galaxy to find alien responsibility. It is a pity that the alien trapped in the most dangerous and impassable Kaijer prison planet known to man!
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