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Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #11
Due miles, Ultimates back! Because Dr. Doom has revealed his plan, and it's more than one web-slinger can handle!
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #10
MILES Morales: friend or foe Hydra? MILES opposed to the past of his family and his horror of the future The man behind the mysteries of the human FLIES plans finds himself ... And this is not good news for Miles. All this and Miles unleashes a new Spider-power !!
Spider-Man Season One
The biggest story of the origin of all times, retold for a new generation. Read the earliest adventures of Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Season One fourth title in the first season of the series Marvel. It highlights the origins and early days of one of the most popular and recognizable superheroes in comics history-The Amazing Spider-Man. While
The Amazing Spider-Man #14
CONCLUSION climate Spider-verse! Prophecy to bear fruit, but Superior Spider-Man has something up his sleeve.
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #09
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #08
Dizzying turn of events! This is great! Life Spider-Man upside down! What is the truth behind the legacy of Miles? WHO was the father of Miles?
Spider-Verse Team-Up #02
SPIDER-Verse TIE-IN! MILES Morales and Ultimate Spider-Man (from Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon) unite! Gwen Stacy Spider Woman comes to the universe to recruit Peter Parker, who never got over his death!
Amazing Spider-Man #11
AMAZING VS. SUPERIOR Spiderman Spiderman! Spider Army did not have time for this squabbles as heirs tighten the noose.
All-New Ultimates #10
ULTIMATE UNIVERSE dangerous place for a teenage super hero !!! The beginning of an epic 3 part climax begins with ruthless retribution in the latest principles "is going to kill! Romantic life of Spider-Man is a deadly conclusion. Heartbreak + LOVE = DIAMONDBACK beating. Bombshell is back and ready for action - just in time to help her teammates
All-New X-Men #33
Journey to the alternate universe, it seems a rite of passage for any young mutant causing himself X-Man ... And it seems that the wife was the turn All-New X-Men, to take the test! But will it ultimately be too much for temporary and adolescents? Guest starring MILES Morales, this confrontation will not want to miss!
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #06
Miles life was turned upside down in every conceivable level! New villains are made ​​of wood. Miles decides to change a life!
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #05
HE Spider-Man story is talking about !!! SPIDEY VS SPIDEY! What else do you need?
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #04
HE Spider-Man story is talking about !!! SPIDEY VS SPIDEY! What else do you need?
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #03
Part three of "Rebirth" the most shocking Spider STORY OF THE YEAR Miles Morales confronted face to face with the most terrifying nightmare of Spider-Man Ultimate Legacy ... Norman Osborn Green Goblin ... ... the man who killed Peter Parker ... or does it?
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #02
PART TWO of the biggest Spider-Man event of the year "REVIVAL" After a mind-blowing reveal at the end of the first issue, mi life will never be the same. With SHIELD gone, greatest villain in the history of Spider-Man, and nothing can stop him. Miles took a huge selection of the woman he loves. He will live to regret it?
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #01
Part One of the biggest Spider-Man event of the year "Renaissance"! Mill back in action with the new status quo and a new outlook on life! This is a great, great villain from the past Peter Parker is alive and well and will soon turn New York upside down! The last page will be ULTIMATE Spider-Man fans SCREAMING! This question can not be missed!
Cataclysm - The Ultimates' Last Stand #05
BIGGEST final event yet! Galactus Marvel VS. Ultimates Stunning conclusion of the biggest events ever final!
Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Ultimates #03
The ultimate weapon falls into the hands of Galactus. Plague consumes Europe. Point of no return for Nick Fury and howling Marines.
Cataclysm - The Ultimates Last Stand #02
The Ultimates know where came from Galactus If they send the world DESTROYER to where he came from all that will do is create more destruction and chaos! MORALES miles headed to the Marvel Universe, looking for clues to how to defeat Galactus. Reed Richards can convince Ultimates, he can atone for disaster?
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28
"Spider-Man No More" concludes End of the first chapter of the saga miles MORALES Miles discovers one of the great mysteries of origin. Guest starring Cloak and Dagger and Spider-Woman
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