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Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #15
Spider-Man VS. Against Hulk. ZZZAX! Hit DisneyXD series breaks from the screen and at your fingertips with this screen capture adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1!
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #22
Spider-Man goes in deep space adventure to save Earth from KORVAC and CHITAURI. Special Guest Stars: Guardians of the Galaxy! Based on the hit animated series on Disney XD.
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #13
This is total action and excitement as the webbed wonder battles with the dreaded fours - and take your first step to become the Ultimate Spider-Man! Meanwhile, what dark secrets lurk in the Osborne family? DisneyXD Hit TV show and jumps at your fingertips!
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #12
Spinning off Disney XD and in your hands, it's Ultimate Spider-Man! First, Iron Fist and Spider-Man must contend with each other - or the world will be destroyed! Then, Spider and his team must find a bomb in Midtown High - the day of their final exams!
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #10
This 40-yard-chaos as our brave Peter Parker should take the robot soccer team went awry! Then, a misunderstanding between police and smashed J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man used to take on the world, but he can fight the entire city of New York? Do not wait for the weekend to pick up the next adventure superstar DisneyXD at your comic shop now!
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #08
Spider-Man Fights dragon! And then! Spiderman outmatched when he takes on a new team of experienced villains! No need to wait for another episode of Disney XD in the popular television show with this comic in your hands!
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