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Justice League United Annual #1
Comics tightens literally from the first series. Great sketch and brightly designed characters certainly will not disregard . The first two seasons we do not show the changing composition of the Justice League and while the writers had to reveal each character, but since Season 3 undergoing fundamental changes . Authors change the name of the
Justice League - Futures End #1
During the events of the series 52, at week 24, Firestorm (Jason Rush) gathers the members of the new Justice League. The team included Fiery Falcon, Super-Chief, and Ambush Bug Bullettir. After a battle with a psychopath Stitsom and death Ambusha Bug Fire Storm team disbands.
General Mills Presents – Justice League #8
FOREVER EVIL tie-in! With the Justice League still missing almost not working Cyborg will need help if he is going to take down a criminal syndicate! To do this, he must find a physician Magnus!
Justice League #26
In a world where superheroes are still a rarity, Batman discovers the evil, the struggle which requires the greatest heroes of Earth unite together!
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