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Adam Green's Hatchet #01
22 pages | 62.5 мb.

Tags: Adam Green Hatchet James Kuhoric
Come with us back to Honey Island Swamp for a brand new tale of horror at the hands of Victor Crowley. It's 1983 and a group of college kids with aspirations of creating the next blockbuster horror franchise set out to find the place where New Orleans most notorious boogeyman lived. Victor Crowley waits for those foolish enough to enter his swamp
Army of Darkness - The Long Road Home
After the apocalyptic events of From the Ashes, Ash is reunited with Sheila as the two set out to remake the world and reclaim the legacy of humanity. How can Ash possibly screw this up? Oh, just you wait...It all starts here in Ash's Long Road Home! Collections Army of Darkness Vol. 2 #5-8!
Army of Darkness - Shop Till You Drop Dead
The second AOD series from Dynamite Entertainment is now available as a Collection! Written by James Kuhoric and featuring the artwork of Nick Bradshaw and Sanford Greene Shop 'Til You Drop (Dead) puts Ash back in the real world and the S-Mart but not without a few bumps surprises and Deadites along the way! This collection features the four
Army Of Darkness Ash Vs The Classic Monsters (TPB)
This massive collection of six questions have not only ashes compared with the plot of monsters, but two problems that lead to cross-event of the year - the army of darkness VS. The miracle of the zombies! From the creative team of writer James Kuhoric and artists Kevin Sharpe and Fernando Blanco, ash VS. Monsters (and more) collects issues 8-13
Dead Irons Vol.1
121 pages | 193.9 мb.

Tags: Dead Irons James Kuhoric
Three undead bounty hunter siblings pave the way death and destruction through the old West as lonely tormented soul keeps track of them, hoping to end the curse on his family. This year, the largest western supernatural tale collected here for the first time! Author: James Kuhoric (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash), as evidenced by Jason Alexander
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