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All-New Inhumans Vol.2 - Skyspears
151 pages | 260.0 мb.

Tags: All-New Inhumans All-New Inhumans Marvel
Crystal and her All-New Crew head to China to uncover the truth about the mysterious monoliths known as the Skyspears. But one of them will turn Crys from the group's fearless leader into their most fearsome foe! Will even a helping hand from the Amazing Spider-Man be enough to stop a woman who can control the four elements? Where the Spider
Inhumans vs. X-Men #1
43 pages | 87.6 мb.

Tags: Inhumans vs. X-Men Inhumans X-Men Marvel
This issue sets the stage for the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men mega-event! Learn who the major players will be, plus the seeds of the incredible plan that will unfold in IVX #1. Beast and Iso travel the world to learn a desperate truth, the X-Men assemble their ranks and the Inhumans prepare for the war to come. It all begins with one choice - see
Fantastic Four By Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo - Ultimate Collection - Book Two
Doctor Doom Fantastic Four wants to destroy once and for all, and what it will do to achieve victory is unthinkable! When Doom balances its technological capacity with a new magic, he attacks his greatest enemies in new ways! Franklin, sent to hell! Thing beaten to a pulp! The first word of Valerie: DOOM! And Reed, fresh ideas! Life for FF never
House of Hem #01
For over thirty years, the cartoonist Fred Hembeck was poking fun at the mighty Marvel heroes. Now, some of his greatest works are collected in giant-sized one-shot, which is bursting with laughs belly! Fred relentlessly hot Fantastic Four with the help of an all-star cast of artists! Fred erases the Marvel Universe in a fairy tale they say may
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