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Hellboy in Hell #5
After saving the world in a storm and fury, but sacrificing itself and for the honor of Great Britain, Hellboy is dead and thrown into Hell, where he finds a lot of familiar faces, and the throne, who was waiting for him.
Hellboy - The Midnight Circus
Necromancer Igor Bromhead is captivating and the goddess Hecate. The witches of England, was not about Lady decide Hellboy elect their new king, urging him to his coven. Hellboy refuses and walks away, but soon taken prisoner Baba Yaga, which carries the red hero in the world of Russian myths, where he will meet with Leshim, Brownie and powerful
Hellboy - Being Human
32 pages | 27.6 мb.

Tags: Hellboy Being Human Hellboy Being Human
Hellboy - a demon , and the world's best investigator on cases involving the paranormal . He mysteriously appeared on Earth at the end of the Second World War, during the ritual , conducted by Nazi occultists and sluchaysnosti fell to the Americans . Professor Trevor Bruttenholm , the director of an organization called the BPRD (Bureau for
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