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Absolution - Happy Kitty #01
CHRIST GAGE rocked the comics community " events Absolution: Rubicon ! From the ashes of excitement in the scholar comes first special issue of the origin of fan - favorite character , Happy Kitty! Gage joined the fan favorite artist Paul (Freakangels) Duffield, which illustrates and colors of this issue. It just an average teenage girl who loves
Absolution - Rubicon #05
The final explosive issue ! Polymath beat ... John Dusk saved the day ... Or is it? Even the sick and dying Polymath going to town with him in a blaze of destruction. Can even the combined power of Dusk and police Enhanciles do what must be done to save the city ? In the last chapter of John Dusk head sends in a dangerous future. Available with
Absolution - Rubicon #04
The final battle with Polymath here and no one is safe from his murderous rage. World CHRISTOS Gage Absolution takes no prisoners , as the super power of the COP turned vigilante , John dusk, must find a way to stop to stop the juggernaut gruzovik.Erudit apparently occurred after the death of ... He is immune to all known weapons, and by all means
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