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Star Wars - Infinities - A New Hope #01-04
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...The events and players are very familiar, but something isn't quite right. Luke Skywalker valiantly attacks the Death Star, fires his torpedoes and ... they miss their mark! Welcome to a Star Wars you never imagined, a Star Wars shattered, where the possibilities are ENDLESS! The first in a series of
Star Wars Omnibus - X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol.3
The greatest fighters fleeing the galaxy again in the mission to return the galactic capital of Coruscant from the Empire! Whether it becomes the high point of the New Republic or dark defeat lies on the shoulders of the wedge Antilles and his team of X-Wing ace pilot-Rogue Squadron! In full color on high quality paper for a unique price, this
Star Wars Omnibus - Infinities
Collected here are three different stories, where happens differently than it was in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. Familiar players, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader-run on the new paths that send them to serious consequences and unexpected futures! Collects Star Wars: Infinity-New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back;
Star Wars Omnibus - X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol.2
As the empire is dying and the New Republic is growing, one team ace fighter takes on the most important mission to provide freedom to the galaxy long-oppressed Rogues! Collection X-Wing Rogue Squadron # 9-20, this mammoth volume includes Battleground Tatooine, Warriors and Requiem for a Rogue. Whether it holds a massive cache of weapons from the
Star Wars - Infinities - A New Hope #01-04 Complete
Star Wars: Infinity - A New Hope, is the first in a series of non-continuity Star Wars stories that Reimagined events of the original Star Wars trilogy movies.
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