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Yallah Bye #1
119 pages | 197.9 мb.

Tags: Yallah Bye Europe Comics Europe
Clara #1
31 pages | 63.1 мb.

Tags: Clara Europe Comics Europe

Clara #1 (2016)

Publisher: Other
Valerian and Laureline #1-21
21 issues pages | 1100 мb.

Tags: Valerian and Laureline Valerian Laureline Europe Comics
1 The City of Shifting Waters 2 The Empire of a Thousand Planets 3 The Land Without Stars 4 Welcome to Alflolol 5 Birds of the Master 6 Ambassador of the Shadows 7 On the False Earths 8 Heroes of the Equinox 9 ChГўtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia 10 Brooklyn Line, Terminus Cosmos 11 The Ghosts of Inverloch 12 The Wrath of Hypsis 13 On the
The Black Moon Chronicles Vol.1-3 Complete
At the center of the empire was the Oracle… The Oracle announced the coming of the one who would change the world. This is his story. One day, when Heads-or-Tails was out roaming the forest, he comes across a nameless man. He christens him Wismerhill, and from that day forth, the pair are inseparable. They start out on the road of adventure, and
Valerian and Laureline #21 - The Time Opener
The evil hordes of the Wolochs are rampaging through space, and everywhere death and destruction follow. But despite the despair of some and the betrayal of others, Valerian, Laureline, and a few other brave souls are resisting. They’re hoping to use a mysterious artifact, the Time Opener, to banish the stones and bring back Earth. But what
Modern Speed #1
178 pages | 227.8 мb.

Tags: Modern Speed Modern Speed Europe Comics
Modern-day Paris. One night, as she’s leaving rehearsal, Lola, a young dancer, is approached by Renée. She introduces herself as a writer, and asks Lola if she could share her life for a while in order to gather material to write a book about her. Despite not feeling entirely comfortable with the idea, Lola accepts. The very next day, Lola and
So Long, Silver Screen #1
What is cinema? What is its effect on us? Why do we love it so much? These are all questions to which Blutch seeks the answers in his considered and humble way, drawing on his prodigious cultural knowledge and his gift for the comic book form. He references Burt Lancaster, Jean Gabin, Michel Piccoli, Luchino Visconti, Claudia Cardinale, Tarzan,
Djinn Vol.8 - Feve
85 pages | 104.5 мb.

Tags: Djinn Europe Comics
Djinn Vol.7 - Pipiktu
82 pages | 109.2 мb.

Tags: Djinn Europe Comics
Dark Side of the Moon #1
The story takes place in a near future (more or less). The world is a huge factory, and the factory is the world. This world is presided over by “The Orifice,” the company which revolutionized the working method. You put your hands inside two holes, and you work, without you (or anybody) actually knowing what you’re working on… In the
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