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New Suicide Squad #21
What do you get when you take on an unstable breakaway faction from the League of Assassins? Dead Squad members, that’s what!
Titans - Rebirth #1
23 pages | 43.3 мb.

Tags: Titans - Rebirth Titans DC
Friends. Teammates. Titans. Donna Troy, Arsenal, Garth, Lilith and Nightwing were all that and more until a mysterious force erased their memories, forcing them to forget what they could accomplish together. Reunited with their memories returned, the Titans must destroy the interdimensional demon that broke them apart and threatens reality itself.
Scooby Apocalypse #2
26 pages | 47.8 мb.

Tags: Scooby Apocalypse Scooby-Doo Scooby DC
The apocalypse continues as Scooby and the gang explore a mysterious facility that may hold the key to their survival. Little do they know that a particularly powerful puppy and his gang of mutated mutts are waiting in the shadows—and they’re ready to attack!
Teen Titans Go! #32
Mumbo Jumbo thinks he can rob any bank in the city, because he’s got a foolproof plan for scrambling the Titans’ powers. But he’s got another 'think' coming!
Justice League #51
“Darkseid War” rages on! The Justice League has become Gods! Grail discovers a truth about Wonder Woman that disturbs even her! And a shocking secret about the fate of the Anti-Monitor will force the League to seek out new and unlikely allies!
Batman Vol.3 #1
24 pages | 34.4 мb.

Tags: Batman DC
Red Hood-Arsenal #13
Roy and Jason have been through a lot with their new start-up business, and a therapy session to vent a few grievances seems like just what the doctor ordered. Too bad Sera Phina and her team of villains are finally assembled and ready to launch their attack!
Earth 2 - Society #13
After the shocking murder of one of the most prominent leaders of the Earth-2 in the living struggle of humanity to believe their world may take a long time. Maybe even Superman to help build a society better than their previous world?
Constantine - The Hellblazer #13
New York, New York it’s one HELL of a town! John Constantine returns beaten and broken from his English excursion to find his adopted American home in magical peril. A mysterious plot is building in the mystic underbelly of New York City—demons, imps, monsters, fairies are running rampant, and only the Hellblazer can save the Big Apple from an
Black Canary #12
27 pages | 36.2 мb.

Tags: Black Canary Black Canary comics Canary DC
The original Black Canary does not possess any superpowers, but was extremely proficient in judo, acting skills and reincarnation. Her costume consisted of a blond wig, fishnet stockings, pirate boots, bustiers and jackets unbuttoned. Initially, she also wore a domino mask, but then this element has been dropped. Black Canary joined the Justice
Wacky Raceland #1
35 pages | 60.5 мb.

Tags: Wacky Raceland DC
Scooby-Doo - Where Are You #70
Comic book series about the adventures of a cowardly dog Scooby-Doo and his faithful friends from the detective agency Corporation secrets.
Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Five #25
An enraged Batman pursues the killer Victor Zsasz. Will the Dark Knight cross a line he's never crossed before?
Action Comics #957
The ebony powers of the woman known as Wrath are unleashed on Superman. Will the Man of Steel fall to the dark side?
Detective Comics #934
25 pages | 45.0 мb.

Tags: Detective Comics Barbara Gordon James Gordon DC
In the wake of the Robin War and globe-hopping with the Justice League, Jim Gordon is looking forward to getting back to what he, and Batman, do best: taking out crime in Gotham City. But lurking in the shadows at home is a case from Jim’s past that may decide the future of Batman.
Arrow - The Dark Archer #11
22 pages | 18.4 мb.

Tags: Arrow - The Dark Archer Merlyn John Barrowman DC
After the shocking events of the last chapter, Malcolm's motive for joining The Hidden is revealed!
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