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The Atomics #01-15 Complete
15 issues pages | 684.4 мb.

Tags: The Atomics Black Crystal It Girl Lava Lass Mott The Slug
Meet The Atomics! A time traveling 17-year-old with an acne problem has arrived in Snap City... and some thing has followed him! The underground refuse known as the Mutant Street Beatniks become involved in a big way as their mutations develop into full-on super powers. With the help of their former nemesis, Frank Einstein (a.k.a. Madman), they
It Girl! and the Atomics, Round 1 - Dark Streets, Snap City
Snap City is not under the control of the new care, but no sooner has the It Girl decided that she streets to protect what she and others involved in Atomics Mizhprostorovoho revenge plot. All-New Adventures kookiest creatures MICHAEL Allred 's, with art by Eisner team, winning by Battlepug.
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