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Back to Basics #4 - The Flood
26 pages | 57.6 мb.

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Capucine isn’t sleeping at night, Ravenelles is hit with the storm of the century, M. Henri is building himself some sort of ark in preparation… and Manu seems to be suffering the strangest of visions…
Back to Basics #3 - The Great World
63 pages | 92.3 мb.

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So it’s finally happened: Mariette is pregnant. And so is Manu. He’s brushing up on his baby and parenthood knowledge with the help of Dr. Spock, who, Manu finds, is rather evasive regarding the torments of a father-to-be. Still, preparation is the key to success, and Manu’s about as prepared as he can be: run-through’s of the big day,
Back to Basics #2 - Making Plans
47 pages | 70.8 мb.

Tags: Back to Basics Other comics
Manu and Mariette have immigrated to the countryside. Manu wants a vegetable garden and Mariette wants a baby. But Manu, who’s celebrating with much jubilation the birth of his very first radish, is having a hard time accepting the notion of parenthood. I mean, imagine having to admit to your child that you don’t know how to change the contact
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