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Adventures of Superman #33
While Superman fights the mercy of Kryptonite poisoning, Botanist is preparing to absorb all the knowledge of the Earth! "The Dark Lantern" part 3 of 3.
Adventures of Superman #32
After the mysterious Green Lantern shows that he was responsible for Krypton, Superman tries to reason with the distraught Lantern. Plus: a surprise villain revealed! "The Dark Lantern" part 2 of 3.
Adventures of Superman #31
25 pages | 18.3 мb.

Tags: Adventures of Superman Lobo Superman Jim Krueger
"The Dark Lantern" part 1 of 3. Upon learning of the existence of the Secret Son of Krypton, Green Lantern concerned travels from distant galaxies to meet Superman ... and admit a terrible secret.
Adventures of Superman #30
When a young boy turns into a horrible monster, Superman is faced with an impossible decision - to destroy the monster or to save the boy? "In custody" Part 2 of 2.
Adventures of Superman #29
25 pages | 14.3 мb.

Tags: Adventures of Superman Metallo Superman 2013
"In Care" Part 1 of 2. Superman responds to a letter from a little boy, asking him to fight the monster in his hometown ... but what he finds is not what he expected!
Adventures of Superman #28
25 pages | 22 мb.

Tags: Adventures of Superman Metallo Superman 2013
"Dear Superman" part 1 of 1. Superman number 1 fan watches from a distance, the Man of Steel battles updated Metallo streets of metropolis!
Adventures of Superman #27
Digital out of continuity Superman anthology series from DC comics, featuring various creators takes on the Man of Steel.
Adventures of Superman #25
"Flowers for Bizarro" part 1 of 3. After duking it out with Bizarro, Superman enlists the help of Dr. Emil Hamilton who sheds new light on Bizarro's condition ... including a possible cure!
Adventures of Superman #24
Superman discovers the shocking truth about ... Krypton and the villain behind it all! "Tears For Krypton" Part 3 of 3.
Adventures of Superman #23
Arriving at what seems to be his long lost home planet, Superman anxiously looking for answers!
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