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Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #8
Who ... or that it is Jet Jaguar? Size changing robot appeared mysteriously, but he is a friend or foe? As the alien attack on the Earth increases, Jet Jaguar holds the balance of power in his hands!
Critter #18
Heroes of the world to unite against Tidepool in the final battle ... Creature, but not among them.
Executive Assistant Iris vol. 4 #3
21 pages | 13.2 мb.

Tags: Executive Assistant Iris Vol.4 Aspen Wohl Lei Oum Reed 2014
The story is based on true events, and Wohl noted that the Iris of the name is indicative of their being other assistants out there, all named after flowers. Eduardo Francisco, Jason Gorder, and John Starr are attached as artists for the project.
The Transformers - Regeneration One #98
INVASION! And this invasion Autobots do! Rodimus Prime takes steps leading armada in the heart JHIAXUS 'force-but it plays right into the hands of the villain? In addition, Fortress Maximus returns to the fray, but on which side? Oh, and by Starscream back to haunt him ... big time!
Furious #01
29 pages | 27.4 мb.

Tags: Furious Bryan J. L. Glass
Peering into the broken mirror of her life, the world's first superhero, Furious, seeks to atone for its past sins miserly fuel rage justice! But the focus of our celebrity obsessed media threatens to overwhelm her noble efforts and expose his real name before she can attain salvation.
Aquaman #27
24 pages | 44.6 мb.

Tags: Aquaman Mera Stephen Shin Aquaman comics
From the depths of the ocean comes Karaqan - monster so great Aquaman do not even know how to start a fight! And while he may not have any idea what it is, people do Atlantis - and the last thing they want is for their king, to try to stop it!

Aquaman #27 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Collection Marvel (29.01.2014, week 4)
13 issues pages | 560.3 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 29.01.2014 week 4
Collection Marvel Comics for 29.01.2014 (4 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Cataclysm - The Ultimates' Last Stand #04 2. Superior Spider-Man #26 3. Miracleman #02 4. Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW 5. Thor - God of Thunder #18 6. X-Men Legacy #23 7. Uncanny X-Force #17 8. Revolutionary War - Knights of Pendragon #01 9. Avengers
Warlord of Mars #33
John Carter was desperately seeking the true identity of a tyrant who was dragged into the planet Mars covers crusade racial extermination. Although Carter is a ray of hope among their former enemies, the tyrant track his every move ...
Star Trek #29
25 pages | 9.5 мb.

Tags: Star Trek James T. Kirk Spock
The all-new five-year mission of the enterprise continues as Captain Tiberius Kirk Jane and her team are faced with a never before seen the enemy in deep space! Wait ... Jane Kirk? What's going on? All will be revealed in the first chapter of this new two-part stories controlled STAR TREK writer / producer Roberto Orci!
Mr. Peabody & Sherman #4
Throughout history, love is in the air! At least, if Mr. Peabody and Sherman can cure a creative crisis and not mention Shakespeare Cyrano nose, that is. And if not ... Well, it's a good thing, Mr. Peabody is a handy dog with a sword!
Hit List #04
29 pages | 43.9 мb.

Tags: Hit List Rian Thorne
Bale turns up the heat on Brown House, allowing dogs lose. Meanwhile, Ryan Thorne identified and just need to find her - but she came to find it in the first place?
Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars #10
Undercover as a slave. Unrecognizable with her hair cut short. Dejah Thoris deeper on a dangerous mission with her ​​secret, brutal force six Tharks. They make a magnificent seven, but that they make it out alive? And should they?
Bravest Warriors - Annual #01
Why we love it: because Catbug. All Catbug. WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: This is the first time we release a bunch of creators to make brave men comic book universe yourself. And, obviously, you love Catbug. Everyone loves Catbug. What it is: This Catbug special! All new original stories starring your favorite Catbug! Join Catbug and his friends, most
B.A.R. Maid #02
28 pages | 43.4 мb.

Tags: B.A.R. Maid Cassidy O'Hara
Long before World War II, the Japanese continue to formulate their plan for world domination, developing advanced weapons, including a new tank that will give them give them a distinct advantage in ground warfare. But Cassidy O'Hara and her band of guerrillas have other plans for this ultimate weapon, they organize a daring raid on a tank factory.
Army of Darkness vs. Hack-Slash #05
34 pages | 70.2 мb.

Tags: Army of Darkness vs. Hack-Slash Ash Cassie Hack
Cassie and Ash must use Necronimicon travel back in time to ancient Greece to prevent aid from the Army of Darkness Akaki alchemist! Are they ready for debauchery of Bacchanalians, and lots of olive oil?
Ghostbusters #12
End of the year is a busy time for most businesses, and Ghostbusters are no exception. Surrounded on all sides by a surge of activity in this spectral especially busy season, they are looking forward to a little break once the new year hits. But recent supernatural symptoms shown a city that does not sleep come to mind, and the boogeyman come to
Dredd Underbelly
38 pages | 23.9 мb.

Tags: Dredd Underbelly Judge Anderson Judge Dredd
One shot sequel movie critics! In the wake of the death of Ma-Ma, other criminal groups in Mega-City One move in the power vacuum, trying to fill a gap in the market left by the drug slow motion. Dump the corpse found in the RAD-pit, authorities are revealed to be mutants. May be associated with dead outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city
Collection DC - The New 52 (29.01.2014, week 4)
16 issues pages | 750 мb.

Tags: Collection DC The New 52 Batman Annual
Collection DC Comics for 29.01.2014 (4 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. All-Star Western #27 2. Batman And Robin Annual #2 3. Batman The Dark Knight #27 4. Catwoman #27 5. Damian Son Of Batman #4 6. Earth 2 Annual #2 7. Flash #27 8. Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #4 9. Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 10. Green Team Teen Trillionaires #8 11.
Superior Spider-Man #26
GOBLIN NATION PRELUDE Stage for the biggest stories SUPERIOR Spider-Man of them all! And here begins with goblins fight like no other: the Green Goblin vs. The Original Brownie! Plus: This thing that happened at the end of number 25 ... This is the thing which has raised all these questions ... You should not wait any longer. You'll get answers to
Teen Titans #27
21 pages | 17.5 мb.

Tags: Teen Titans new Teen Titans Teen Titans
Someone is hunting for young heroes. And Robin is going to figure out what to secret organization of young heroes. There is not even a team, but it is already beginning to appear.
Raven Nevermore #01
36 pages | 74.3 мb.

Tags: Raven Nevermore Corvan Moore
Metropolis city gear, year X-120. Nightwatcher bastion Guard Captain, Corvan Moore, is determined to bring down Mortoni Family dreamdust drug operations. What he reveals the path that the great enemy was awakened in him ... and he wants to be free.
Crossed - Badlands #46
27 pages | 45.4 мb.

Tags: Crossed - Badlands The Crossed Daniel Way
Crossed bloody story continues as Daniel way seaworthy survivors try to find their way among the infected. Horror comes in all shapes and sizes, and the crew of the Coast Guard's going to find it in the most heinous fashion. The captain thought he knew Crossed, knew the rules and doing things ahead of them. But in a world full of maniacs, the only


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