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Avengers #21
INFINITY tie - "The Avengers UNIVERSE: IV" The final battle for the universe of Marvel starts. The fall of the Galactic Empire. The rise of the new.
Marvel Graphic Novel - The Pitt
The story continues with Star Brand number 12. Two years ago, the phenomenon was named the new White event changed the universe forever. People began to develop super - human abilities throughout the world. They became known as the paranormal. Last night , Kenneth Connell , owner StarBRAND and the most powerful of all the paranormal , tried to put
Iron Man - The Iron Age #01-02 Complete
Republic Oil has campaigned against Stark Industries. They also have a terrorist hands, "The Dogs of War." This group threatens gathering of world leaders, but is destroyed by the efforts of infiltration and Iron Man.
Fantastic Four Roast
Fantastic Four get fried Fred Hembeck style. The entire Marvel Universe on hand for the celebration, but the mean enemy is waiting in the wings to spoil the fun.
X-Men - Phoenix #01-03 Complete
Find out how a young woman known as Rachel Summers became the savior of the cable and the last hope of humanity!
X-Men - Children Of Atom #01-06 Complete
Taking place before the X-Men # 1, we see more ambitious younger Professor Xavier, as he travels to meet the mutants and prepares his school with the help of federal agent named Duncan. At the same time, we see that Hank Mcoy is a local high school football hero, and Warren wants to use their wings to help in the fight against crime.
Takio #04
The sisters were reunited, and just in time, because the secret of their unique super powers about to be revealed! Another chapter in this shocker of all ages superhero extravaganza from the creators of the award-winning power!
Avengers Arena #16
"BOSS LEVEL" PART 3: The final battle begins! Up in the murder of World Island, it is the surviving participants in an all-out battle royale! Down in the lair of Arcade, it's the other two contestants against the Arcade!
Collection Marvel (09.10.2013, week 41)
15 issues pages | 514.1 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 09.10.2013 week 41
Collection Marvel Comics for 09.10.2013 (41 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Fearless Defenders #10 2. Astonishing X-Men #68 3. Deadpool #18 4. Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #04 5. Uncanny X-Force #12 6. X-Men #06 7. Wolverine #10 8. Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 9. Dexter #04 10. Avengers A.I. #04 11. Thor - God of Thunder #14 12.
Fearless Defenders #10
With hordes of invading Earth Thanos, fearless defenders live up to their namesake! A gifted young woman discovers that she's amazing ... but scary ... powers. Will it be a new hero to join the ranks of the defenders? Or it has become one of the girls Caroline LEFAY in Doom?
Astonishing X-Men #68
FINAL ISSUE! Through thick and thin, from his marriage to the apocalypse, X-Men have always been together as a family. Is there anything in this world - or any other - that can destroy them? It all ends here, as Marjorie Liu tells a fond farewell to an amazing team!
Deadpool #18
24 pages | 37.4 мb.

Tags: Deadpool Butler Captain America Kim Park Wolverine 2013
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Part 4 of 5 Deadpool was last ammo! Three Weapon Plus alumni unite to destroy it!
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #04
Official Superior Spider-Man Infinity Tie-In! How to force Thanos sights one land, there are a few heroes left to answer the call of battle. But how many characters you really need when the most superior of all is ready to defend its territory. Due to debut a brand new sun-Girl!
Uncanny X-Force #12
The focus of the Spiral! With the rest of Uncanny X-Force in Madripoor, the spiral has dedicated himself to finding new mutant Ginny. But it belongs to the cult of Jeannie more than meets the eye? Even six arms may not be enough to juggle all this trouble!
X-Men #06
X-Men: BATTLE OF ATOM, part 7! ??? havoc SCHOOL Jean Grey as X-Men and the Future of X-Men attack! ??? Gray Rachel is the only X-Man qualified to defeat opponents secret!
Wolverine #10
PART 3 KILLABLE! Who said you can not go home? Road Trip Logan and Kitty heads north - to the territory of the former estate Howlett! But more than the bitter memories of waiting for Logan to the place where he once lived. Ghosts of the Canadian childhood Logan meet the demons of his adulthood as he continues to struggle with the new reality!
Ultimate Comics X-Men #32
"World War X" continues! Mad Utopia plan to end the war WORLD WAR X claims its first victim There will be war, finally, merge or split for good?
Dexter #04
24 pages | 24 мb.

CONTINUED DEXTER all new adventure written by his creator Jeff Lindsay! Dexter Morgan is not just # 1 Miami forensic blood spatter expert, he is also a serial killer who targets other serial killers! Dexter has met his match and he will help to create it? Bodies accumulate and Dexter could be next!
Avengers A.I. #04
With a vision M.I.A. and AI is a global threat that the robot do? Teaming up with SHIELDMstiteli track signal cyberterrorist Dimitrios "and prepare to clean it up ... Query: This can not really be that simple, is not it?
Thor - God of Thunder #14
The Wild Hunt is on! As Malekith damned continues its bloody Rampage through nine Realms, Thor finds new allies to help him in the chase: The Dark Elf Sorceress! Armed with Light Elf! Giant Giant mountains! Dwarf who likes dynamite! and particularly surly troll ..?
Infinity #04
Negotiations falling worlds. The Illuminati against Thanos. Thor, the god of war.
Captain America #12
LOOSE NUKE PART 2 Nuke on a rampage! Less weapons program revealed! Meet Dr. Mindbubble, incredible Super Soldier was created in 1960!
Collection Marvel (02.10.2013, week 40)
16 issues pages | 795.1 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 02.10.2013 week 40
Collection Marvel Comics for 02.10.2013 (40 weeks). Collection includes the following comics: 1. Savage Wolverine #09 2. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #04 3. Fantomex MAX #01 4. Avengers - Endless Wartime (GN) 5. Thor - Season One (GN) 6. Thunderbolts #16 7. Marvel Knights - Spider-Man #01 8. Iron Man #16 9. Hunger #03 10. Daredevil - Dark

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