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Red Sonja #09
42 pages | 35.5 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja Gail Simone Walter Geovani
Part 1 of a new story arc! Fresh from her trials Queen plague epic, Sonia is charged with the task of playing bodyguard greatest chef Hyborea, even though it would seem, they all want him to die! Join us on this unique issue recipes, cooking techniques, and decapitation!
Miss Fury #10
24 pages | 25.3 мb.

Tags: Miss Fury Rob Williams Miss Fury comics
Pharaoh time alive and he and his huge Mothership 1943 came to New York for Miss Fury. But which of them he finds it? Immoral killer with samurai sword in titanicc stash of grenades and an epic love debauchery? Or Miss Fury, who is lost in time, grasping for common sense and for the good inside of her. This metaphysical struggle played Wiith Mondo
Chaos #1
34 pages | 80.1 мb.

Tags: Chaos Chaos comics Dynamite
There was all that should be in the comics for a simple and peaceful, soothing stories cognition. Namely - an interesting story, black (usually) humor, violence and nudity. Coupled with this unusual artistic style is a cross between the classic Western and Asian manga comics.
Black Bat #10
24 pages | 35.8 мb.

Tags: Black Bat Black Bat comics Black Bat
Detective Brody on the go with the suitcase bomb. Will it put him in the courthouse before black bat is it? Time goes by, and all hope on the shoulders of the Black Bat!
Turok – Dinosaur Hunter #4
The main character - redskin Turk - falls into a lost world, pulled out of our time, which runs all the villain Campaigner, hope to seize an ancient artifact called Chronoscepter. With it Kampeyner intends to get into our world and, of course, to capture it.
Sherlock Holmes - Moriarty Lives #3
Sherlock Holmes on education , apparently , a biochemist . At the time of dating and Watson worked as a laboratory assistant in a London hospital - stated in the beginning of " A Study in Scarlet ." "One guy who works in a chemistry lab at our hospital ... I think he knows anatomy, and he is a first-class chemist , but it seems that medicine has
Vampirella - The Essential Warren Years Vol.1
Finally , the legend of Vampirella can say it ... from the beginning! Essential Warren years collecting the full story Vampirella , dark-haired heroine and beloved horror hostess ! Since its first appearance in " Vampirella of Drakulon" by Forrest J. Ackerman and Tom Sutton, and covers each and every fear- fraught issue of the first five years of
The Best of Pantha - The Warren Stories
Born in ancient Egypt, Sekhmet was the high priestess of the sun god Ra cursed to walk the earth forever as feline heroine Pantha! Dynamite is proud to present their best tales of Vampirella Magazine, reprint her every appearance from the classic horror anthology where it all began. Since her first performances in solo adventures through its
Battlestar Galactica Six #1
Twelve colonies planets are millennial war against the robotic Cylon race , seeking to destroy humanity . Suddenly, through the mediation of the Cylons Count Baltar truce offer . Only Commander star cruiser "Galaxy" Adam suspects that the Cylons have prepared a trap. So it is actually . Colonial fleet with the president dies , the planet's
Battlestar Galactica - Digital Exclusive Edition (Vol 2) #10
Tom Zarek was a political activist for more than 30 years. Before the fall of the Twelve Colonies it was a charismatic, eloquent and ideologically savvy political agitator, who was sent to prison for destroying a government building on Sagittarone. The culmination of his imprisonment was flying on "Star Queen" superluminal prison ship. At the time
Grimm #12
Free comic book "Grimm #12" comic book from the publisher dynamite. Download and read this free comic book.
Doc Savage #05
24 pages | 50.7 мb.

Tags: Doc Savage Ham Johnny Long Tom Monk Patricia Savage
It's 1949, and Doc Savage and his assistants return of adventures in far away, exotic places to find danger awaits them much closer to home. Someone found the location Doc 'college of crime, "hidden hospital where he convict healing" of their criminal tendencies. And Doc faces an impossible position of having to choose between good and his life
George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones #20
The critically acclaimed epic adaptation ample George Martin! Tyrion, convoyed by a wild clan of warriors (and in a difficult position when both their leader and their hostage) reunites with his father. Soon after, Tywin Tyrion swears to uphold the promise of clans. . . provided that they are fighting for him army against Robb Stark!
Warlord of Mars - Warriors of Mars Vol.1 (TPB)
In 1905, Edwin Arnold has created a character who many believe changed the course of science fiction and the name of the character was Lt. Gullivar Jones. While his reception was lukewarm at the moment of its publication, the tale of Arnold Gullivar travel to Mars and fell in love with a Martian princess, as many believe, inspired Martian stories
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris Vol.4 (TPB)
Dejah Thoris, warrior princess of Mars goes to the northern wastes in self-imposed exile, driven by guilt. In the harsh wilds, it incurs the wrath of golden skin Okar warrior, and draws the attention of alien intelligence. Stolen Saturn, Dejah Thoris believes his bloodthirsty native races planned invasion of Mars, and that she might soon turn into
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris Vol.3 (TPB)
Great Toonolian Marshes - one of the worst places in Barsoom with 1800 miles of marsh land infested exotic and dangerous creatures . Dejah Thoris , along with her new pilot Cantos Kan, ventures into this foreboding region expeditionary mission to find much-needed minerals. Studying , Dey obsessed "The Boora Witch ," an ancient demonic creature .
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris Vol.2 (TPB)
Greater and Lesser Helium are united behind Dejah Thoris. But just when it seems that everything is back to normal, precious supply of helium in water begins running dry. Dejah heads to the Antartic caps to investigate, only to find herself pulled into the deadly mysteries of the forbidden adventure yuge.Udalogo hijackers, renegade princesses,
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris and the White Apes of Mars Vol.1 (TPB)
The most harrowing tale of survival horror in the annals of Barsoom ! Dejah Thoris , Princess of Helium , archaeological work practice leads to unearth the dark secrets of the ancient martial site under the legendary "face of Mars education. Without John Carter or Tars Tarkas, Dejah Thoris should encourage all her nerve , mind and endurance in the
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars Vol.1 (TPB)
John Carter brought peace and helium Thark is new and fragile. On the eve of the Red & Green festival balm ancient hatred, Dejah Thoris pohischen.Ispytanie calls her lingering nightmares abuse and helplessness in the hands of cruel Tharks. And the kidnapper is a nightmare personified: Voro. It serves taste some green men never lost: red meat
Robotech - Voltron #3
The action takes place at the end of XX century. Falls to the ground alien ship, and a few years scientists can restore it surviving equipment. But soon the planet is attacked, and pilots use the ship to repel the enemy.
Robotech - Voltron #2
The action takes place at the end of XX century. Falls to the ground alien ship, and a few years scientists can restore it surviving equipment. But soon the planet is attacked, and pilots use the ship to repel the enemy.
Warlord of Mars #35
28 pages | 52.4 мb.

Tags: Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris John Carter
John Carter stumbles into a trap set by a brutal tyrant laying waste to the Red Planet. But at the same time, the tyrant unwittingly reveals his greatest secret, and only weakness. This is exactly what Carter and his family must retaliate - if they survive.
Ash And The Army Of Darkness #06
Army of Darkness grows as Wiseman's legion of Deadites ransack town after town, burning the building and stealing souls. Ash and mask fighter on the run and find themselves trapped in a dark forest, where old foe awaits Ash.
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