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The Greatest Adventure #06
27 pages | 43.6 мb.

Tags: The Greatest Adventure Bill Willingham
Two legends meet at last! Tarzan has been captured by a tribe of Green Martians - and now he must team up with John Carter of Mars in order to escape their clutches! But will they be in time to stop the villainous crew of the Resolve?
Skin & Earth #04
31 pages | 31.8 мb.

Tags: Skin and Earth
Kiss - Vampirella #05
29 pages | 51.2 мb.

Tags: Kiss - Vampirella Chris Sebela Vampirella
The demons bent on destroying rock 'n' roll via a wave of soft rock laced with murderous messages have declared all-out war on the world. With a huge show scheduled at the Hollywood Bowl and a massive crowd of willing victims, KISS and Vampirella will storm the stage in a jam of violence and rock so loud that Los Angeles will never be the same.
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