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The Saga of Solomon Kane

The Saga of Solomon Kane

With its origins in Fiction Weird Tales in his latest Dark Horse incarnation, sixteenth-century Puritan adventurer Robert E. Howard captured the imagination of readers for decades. Now all Savage Sword Conan stories since 1970 are collected for the first time: equal parts comics adaptation of becoming stories of Howard and inspired new chapters from venerable scribes Roy Thomas (Conan the Barbarian) and Don glut (Kull the Destroyer)! Follow along Kane's restless traveling with a gun and a sword as he is forced to be an instrument of God to rid the world of evil wherever it may be found, from the jungles of Africa to the open sea, and whether cannibal, demon, vampire, or pirate! Contains stories from various Savage Sword of Conan and Conan Saga issues, and from Kull and the Barbarians # 2 and # 3, Marvel Preview # 19, Monsters on the loose, and Dracula Lives.

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