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DC - The New Frontier Vol.1

DC - The New Frontier Vol.1

Renowned writer / artist Darwin Cook (Catwoman: Selina Snatch'S) draws attention to dawn of the Silver Age in DC: a new frontier - which takes readers on a journey from the end of the golden age in the genesis of a bold new heroic era in the late 1950s! Volume One collects DC: a new frontier # 1-3 plus the three extra pages originally seen only in Wizard Magazine! The Second World War ended. The Cold War began. Age of Superhero is in decline. But where are the heroes of tomorrow? New Frontier says the star DTSM Silver Age in terms of those brave men who have made this possible. Encounter "keepers of the flame" including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, who survived the anti-hero sentiment of the Cold War, as well as eager newcomers like test pilot Hal Jordan and scientist Barry Allen is going to become the next generation of crimefighters .Cooke, master narrator writes and illustrates this remarkable story, a must-have for fans of the DCU and all lovers of powerful stories of heroism!

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