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Archie Meets KISS - Collector's Edition

Archie Meets KISS - Collector's Edition

The largest group in the history of rock invades Riverdale! When the Archies find their town flooded with monsters through a spell gone wrong, can Legends of Rock KISS, save the day? Sabrina the Witch is also featured adding a magical touch to this epic crossover. Preparing to meet a violent history since Archie Archie Meets The Punisher! This collects all four parts of the storyline, reprints variant covers by Francesco Francavilla, and a foreword Gene Simmons. Edition Hardcover Collection also contains 48 pages of extras not found in the regular trade paperback, including a kiss photo gallery, the original pitch and script and other bonus material! Compulsory full-color edition for KISS, and Archie fans alike!

Publication gorgeous hardcover collector who has four comics "Riverdale Rock City", "creatures of the night", "Rock 'N' Roll All Fear" and "Shout It Out Loud". Foreword by Gene Simmons. Archie meets KISS, Sketchbook and scripts. There are also interviews with comic creative team.

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