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Justice Inc. #03

Justice Inc. #03

Crack in time brings Doc Savage today face to face with Doc Savage in 1939! Even Einstein was not sure about the consequences! It was then, Voodoo Master strikes, laying death-trap for his arch-enemy, the shadow, while another powerful evil force lurking in the dark and is ready to strike next. Meanwhile, wealthy industrialist Richard Henry Benson and his family on board the plane headed Nepal to witness the latest scientific breakthrough Doc Savage, co-funded by Benson. But instead of the plane destined for the heart of the tragedy. What secrets bind the shadows and Doc Savage to the birth of the Raider? Allowing three men of mystery and power to throw their very different ideological shells and deal with each other on a deeper human level? In this tale, a shaky relationship forged among not only Doc Savage, The Shadow and the avenger, but among the "Clark Kent and Richard." This is indicative Chapter Two of the six in the saga of Justice, INC.

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