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Cutter #03

Cutter #03

  • Other publisher
  • Pages: 34
  • 2014 year
  • English comics
  • Size: 69.3 mb.
  • Tags: Cutter Jeremy
CUTTER: Questions 1-4, weekly during October! What if the guy you and your friends in a youth teased back with a vengeance ... to kill you and your friends? It's dark in fear of guilt based CUTTER, a cautionary tale about the sins of his past come back to haunt you. Jeremy lives a quiet life with his wife in a rural town. Successful and stable, Jeremy the guy next door. But he and his school friends to share a dark secret. And when it's a secret literally comes back to haunt them, Jeremy must confront his past and his own sanity when he comes face to face with a vicious serial killer ... "Cutter". From the television writer Seamus Kevin Fahey (Battlestar Galactica, the following) and comic writer Robert PLACE Napton (Son of Merlin) with art famous artist horror CHRISTIAN DiBari.

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