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Fables Encyclopedia

From Aladdin Zephyr, encyclopedia FABLES is a must reference book on the hidden stories of each character from the multi-award winning series Fables , Bill Willingham . The author noted academic scholar Jess Nevins ( The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Companion ) with pictures FABLES luminaries including cover art by James Jean , Joao Ruas and series regulars Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha, Fables Encyclopedia provides a rich historical information about each character as well as his / her first appearances and the respective roles in the creative Fables creator / writer Bill Willingham Mythos. Willingham and artist Mark Buckingham series provide fun facts and anecdotes along the way. Thanks to the exquisite smell of the cover on the cover fair to artist Adam Hughes, Encyclopedia of FABLES is a deluxe hardcover , which is important for each FABLES readers , old and new.

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