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Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Original Sin Tai In!

Nova, Human Rocket - who once burned bright streak across the universe of Marvel, Gone in a Flash. Side-by-side with the Star-Lord Richard Ryder fought valiantly to save the universe from Thanos. Left sealed in a twisted and terrifying version of our universe, Richard Ryder sacrificed everything to save us.

Now, it is true that the victim finally come to light! Thanos and Star-Lord miraculously appeared, but Nova was not anywhere to be found. The true story of what happened remained a closely guarded secret between two implacable enemies. Now, thanks to the events of the original sin, the truth is going to come out! What happened to Rich Rider in Cancerverse? As the star-Lord and Thanos avoid hellish prison? And most importantly, why they lie about it?

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