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Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II (TPB)

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II (TPB)

As in the previous section, the action game takes place between episodes III and IV. After the death of Galen Marek (Starkiller) six months have passed. Rebellion grow stronger. Disparate rebel forces scattered across the galaxy, but continued resistance. Darth Vader, wanting to get a worthy replacement for his former pupil, conducts experiments on cloning on the Camino. Hero (or Starkiller himself, or his clone) wakes up in the laboratory on the planet Kamino. He is in turmoil, his mind is clouded, but the Force still strong in him. Lord Vader tries to convince the hero that he - just clone experiment servant designed to fulfill the will of the Emperor. But the hero does not believe in it, and escapes from prison. On the planet Neimoidians he saves his old friend Master Cat thrown out there on a slow and heavy death back in operation rebels.

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