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Happydale - Devils In The Desert #01-02 Complete

Happydale - Devils In The Desert #01-02 Complete

A small town that is not quite what it seems to come to life in a completely different 2-issue Prestige Format series. Happydale small middle American town like many others ... at least on the surface. But just below the surface of calm, there is something ... different. Residents glad they all get along, but there is something strange about pretty much all of them from fat ladies circus level for dwarfs and giants from the three-eyed man to the three-headed boy. It's not like anything can break the calm life of a small town Happydale, at least until a depraved serial killer and his two comrades psychopathic decide to take a break from their killing spree across the desert and went to take a sleepy little town. But these newcomers have bitten off more than they can chew ...

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