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Tarzan - The Joe Kubert Years Vol.1

Tarzan - The Joe Kubert Years Vol.1

Few artists can capture visceral action sequences and dynamic human form like Joe Kubert, and his expressive talents are fully realized in his 1970 Tarzan comics. This beautiful archive collection with the introduction of Kubert and color restoration based off of Tatjana Wood's original colors is a must-have for lovers of timeless tales of adventure and undeniable intensity and skill of Joe Kubert in. Beginning with this first volume, hardcover series in Dark Horse reprints in all Tarzanwork Kubert. Join us on these primary adventures as Tarzan finds pleasure and danger of the African jungle ... and a lot of the threats posed by both man and beast! Joe Kubert in Tarzan, Volume One, reprints issues 207 through 214 run in 1970, featuring "Origin Ape Man" (a bold adaptation of the first Tarzan novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs), "Jungle Tales of Tarzan" and other stories inspired by Burroughs' books, all written and drawn legendary Joe Kubert!

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