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Captain Atom (Volume 1) 1-57 series + Annuals

Captain Atom (Volume 1) 1-57 series + Annuals

Since the inception of character appearing in different series of comic books, but always under the same name, including a member of the often different team of superheroes DC В«Justice League." In all embodiments, the character he originally was a military and its transformation into a superhero was associated with the military experiments. In the comics, his name was Charlton Comics Alan Adamas; he was a technician who participated in the creation of an experimental military rocket and before starting accidentally trapped inside it. When the rocket went into the upper atmosphere and exploded, Adam was sprayed on the atoms, but in the end mysteriously survived and was able to own land on the surface, restoring the molecular structure of his body and received various superpowers. He began to wear a red-and-yellow suit, which was designed to protect people from coming from a nuclear radiation. Later this suit in the comics has been replaced by a suit of molten metal, which was under the skin of the hero and that he could "outputting" on their own.

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