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Lions, Tigers And Bears Vol.1 #01-04 Complete

Lions, Tigers And Bears Vol.1 #01-04 Complete

Child's needs for comfort stuffed rooted in the reality of the adult world long forgotten. Join Joey Price shy when he discovers his stuffed animals are more than he ever thought possible in this adventure of all ages. These magical companions always protect children, but now they need help in stopping Joey dastardly plot evil Beasties, monsters bent on destroying children worldwide. "Fear and pride," Part 1. Peace Joey upside down when his mother takes a job in a nearby town, forcing him to abandon his friends and his loving grandmother. But just before the van is ready to pull out, Grandma gives him a special gift: four new stuffed animal, a lion, two tigers and a panther, known as The Night Pride. Joey believes the stories his grandmother night Pride having magical powers are namely history. But he's going to find his new friends are more real and more important than he could have imagined, especially when Beasties come crawling out of a dark closet to get it.

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