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Battlestar Galactica Vol.3 (TPB)

Battlestar Galactica Vol.3 (TPB)

At twelve planets - Twelve Colonies of Kobol - thriving civilization of people who created robots called Cylons. Cylons required to recognize them and give them civil rights. People refused and began a long bitter war. Eventually peace was achieved, and the Cylons went in search of his "home". However, for 40 years "truce" when humanity is slowly getting rid of technophobia, the Cylons developed their technology and have evolved themselves, preparing for the new crushing attack on the Twelve Colonies. Deceiving the brilliant scientist Gaius Baltar, the Cylons were able to penetrate the security system of colonies simultaneously attack and occupy them, destroying almost the entire population. Only a few tens of thousands of survivors were able to climb into space to escape from death on the attacked planet. Survived as an old warship - Star Cruiser "Galaxy", capable of withstanding attack by the Cylons and protect civilian ships. Under the command of Commander William Adama "Galaxy" undertakes the task to lead the fleet with the last of the human race to find a new home, the mythical planet called "Earth".

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