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Angel & Faith Season 10 #3

Angel & Faith Season 10 #3

Died down quite ambiguous events of the 8th season of "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer" ended and ongoing Angelic in IDW. The rights to the Angel again went to Dark Horse, and now the continuation of the 8th season will be written under one roof. And it will consist of two series (25 rooms) - directly "Buffy Season 9" and just "Angel and Faith". In it were two loneliness - the long-suffering vampire with a soul Angel, who has become almost unconscious after the events of the 8th season, and Slayer Faith, rebellious and dangerous delinquent in the past, the mentor for wayward Slayers in the present. Both of them are long, thorny and possibly having no end to the ways of the past redemption. Angel Faith once helped to take this path. Now her turn to help.

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