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SpongeBob Comics #32

SpongeBob Comics #32

It all starts here! First raw serialized adventure SpongeBob " Rumble in the shady Shoals " pulls anchor and begins 5 - issue journey in water action! In the fairy tale with art by Jerry Ordway ( World Finest, The Human Bomb), SpongeBob must find out who is stronger : his idol , Mermaid Man, or that the noble anti-hero , proud , muscular , Poofy Hair Sea King Viro Reganto? This is a question that will send SpongeBob, Mermaid Man, and Viro in a quest that spans decades - from Briny Age comics present pulse-pounding ! Then, in " Shell Phone Squidward, in " SpongeBob finds a new way to stay in constant contact with his best friend , Squidward - Squidward and excited! You have heard the sarcasm there ? Plus: strange ritual haircut SpongeBob, fill in the comics , SpongeFunnies James Kochalka, and a guide to the ancient language of the underwater ... Esperanto?

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