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Brother Power the Geek #01-02 Complete

Brother Power the Geek #01-02 Complete

Medium did not seem to be ready for "Brother moschnostmanyaka " provided by writer Joe Simon and artist Al Bare. Mod Simon rethinking of Frankenstein's monster - dummy was reclusive hero - the philosopher - was a trip that lasted only two issues . Strangely, though , the last of these questions is actually selling better than the first, and the debate as to why the power fizzled brother continues to this day. On the run otbandy bikers called bastards , flower children squatted Nick and Paul in an abandoned studio , gdemolniya udarilamaneken dressed in oil-soaked , blood-stained clothes. Mannequin came alive , and , thanks to an extraordinary exercise of power , saved two hippies from the return of mongrels . Prepodavaniemaneken , as they say in their language hip, Nick and Paul Geek welcomed as one of their own. When that journey Brother powers of self-knowledge has begun ... and abruptly ended.

From the nachalaGeek when it was originally conceived as a "Freak" internal components in the DC feared that rag-tag hero Simon ihippi approved drug counterculture. So, before you take the power could spread his peace-loving words to the third question , the series was stopped.

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