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Grimm Fairy Tales #01-105

Grimm Fairy Tales #01-105

The series, which is aimed at updating stories to tell a story, often with an added touch of horror to them. As a rule, they explained how something izpritchi to modern conditions rotating character. Stories are usually told by either Belinda or Sela. Two control two books of fairy tales, and they are usually used to either help or hinder those who listen to them . In techenieseriiskazok used in different ways , such as two narrators can control the characters in magical worlds , the modern characters are vneskazki become fantastic characters or two storytellers relive tales themselves to examine their actions. Series has usually covers misleading , as they often contain revealing pictures of female characters , the characters in the stories themselves are usually portrayed vbolee respectable manner. The series also noted for some of its variant covers, which are not representations of fairy tales , but the mythical or legendary , such as Cleopatra or RoziKlepalschik .

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