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Crossed Annual 2014

Crossed Annual 2014

Teams Crossed scribe Simon Spurrier to the artist Rafael Ortiz unleash this despicable history of suffering and evil in all new oversized crossed 2014 ! Ah, the English countryside ! Chirping birds , friendly vicars , pancakes and jam : a peaceful rural idilliya.Korove in breast , the dog is in your bed and eat fat asthmatic child hides the old tower . Also : the crowd crossed hiding near duckpond - quaint and friendly sadists who want nothing but to eat and face breaking your skull - and no one except his wife dry old farmer to stop them . The problem is that it is also crossed . And crazy. Maybe old husky play them all against each other long enough to escape? SUCH JOLLY larks .

Available with a regular cover by Jacen Burrows, with the smell of Rafa Ortiz , Torture cover by Gabriel Andrade and Special Red Crossed Incentive cover also Burroughs .

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