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Warriors of Plasm #00-13 + TPB Complete

Warriors of Plasm #00-13 + TPB Complete

Jim Shooter begins this beautiful literary path in one of the most beautifully written comic book series from the 1990s

Supreme Acquisitor Lorca came home from his mission and proceeds with his first act is to try to overthrow the rulers Org sneaky and avenge the death of his beloved Laygen. It is an act of teleportation Ten Thousand human beings to be his army. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those creatures survive the trip and learn Lorca is intended to destroy them all , including a few who survived .... prove harder to manage then Lorca expected , people soon discover that they are blessed with miraculous abilities. Meanwhile org rulers have their suspicions about the true nature of these new creatures exist in their own world.

Lorca Is at Risk? Will people survive?

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