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My favorite » » Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 1
Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 1

Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 1

Pull the bizarre , inhospitable world far from home, all new, high adventure , mind- melting , tough as nails, science fiction , pulp fantasy era of Captain America begins NOW! Ambition Arnim Zola Captain America left stranded in the inverted measurement known as Z. On the one country and no allies, what is left for the Sentinel of Liberty to protect ? Just one thing, most of its value Foe : son Zola ! Steve saved the boy's life , but it can keep him alive against wild barbarians Phrox - with the fate of the world , depending on his victory ? When Zola terrible experiments in local creatures give birth to a terrible new enemy , measuring Phoney War Z begins! No flesh will escape Patchwork ! Collecting Captain America (2013 ) # 1-5.

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