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My favorite » » Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 2
Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 2

Captain America - Castaway In Dimension Z - Book 2

The amazing saga of measurement Z continues with shocking fate of Steve Rogers discovered : Long live captain Zola - the master of lies , injustice and the ways Dimension Z! But even as Arnim Zola gets everything he wants , traitor strikes. The fate of John solved as a master plan is revealed Zola and Steve Rogers has only one chance to set all this right. Broken , beaten and near dead, he must defeat Zola - or all is lost ! And the only way back to Earth is slowly closing for good , Captain America must make the hardest decision in my life. Plus: The character you never expected again comes from the past, and Zola goal humankind right in his crosshairs . The last days of measurement Z is - and if Steve Rogers is intact, it will never be the same as before. Collecting Captain America (2012 ) # 6-10.

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