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Crossed - Badlands #50

Crossed - Badlands #50

The most highly anticipated Crossed story ever is finally here ! GARTH ENNIS - creator crossed back to the miserable world he has created, to take us all the way back to the beginning of an unforgettable story about the unraveling fabric of society . On the first issue crossed lovers have wondered how it all started . Was it an act of god? Did it start as a man-made bio- weapons? This is the final evolution of the human race ? Now, after more than five years of horror, Ennis shows his " patient zero in the seven parts of the epic drawn CHRISTIAN Zanier. Join master of modern horror and everything crossed Nation believing as they get a front row seat to the biggest issue crossed , since it debuted !

Available with a Regular, smell and torture covered by Zanier, Fatal Fantasy and disrupt flight program covers Matt Martin , True Romance and Amazons cover by original series artist Dzheysenu Burroughs, and special Red Crossed Pure art incentive cover.

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