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Peter Rasputin Meggan and enjoy the sights of Paris: the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding skyline , bistros, Orsay Museum , and finally , an amusement park , Dudleyworld. Unfortunately , they find the park closed for repairs .

As Meggan sulking in a cafe , a couple seeking Elizabeth, flight attendant Peter ever met. However , he and Meggan which drugs to the touch " Elizabeth " and their unconscious bodies loaded aboard a false emergency like " Elizabeth" , reveals himself to be Miss Locke, assistant in Arcade .

Waking up in a new Murderworld hidden under Dudleyworld, Colossus battles artificial versions of assistants, it relives the death of their parents. He Meggan close encounter replica proletarian , disposable alter ego Peter .

Colossus freed from virtual reality device, which Arcades associated with him, and he threatened Arcade, but is held at bay when Locke seeks his weapon to Meggan. Then Arcade makes a proposal: he would say Colossus , who hired him if Colossus agrees to "kill " Arcade.

Soon, Colossus and Meggan are on a roller coaster Murderworld the face of death traps, they shy away . Next, they faced Arcade yourself piloting a giant robot and a vicious dragon cartoon version of Dudley. Meggan turns the asphalt on which they are standing in quicksand , and the battle is over when all the men sink.

After they leave the park in the ambulance and now that employers Arcade with video evidence they are all dead , it opens Piotr, he was hired by Black Air.

Later, Peter and Meggan aboard Queen Elizabeth 2 to England and find Arcade and Miss Locke there. While the ship departs , armed Black Air Force gather at the dock.

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