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The Shade Changing Man (Volume 1) 1-8 series

The Shade Changing Man (Volume 1) 1-8 series

Introducing you Shade , the Changing Man. Job famous author Peter Milligan ( familiar to us , for example, Hellbleyzeru ) and great khuzhozhnikov Chris Bacha . With this work, published first in DC, and then became one of the first flagship Vertigo, they in general and unwind.

Newcomer Shade, healer of the human mind , in the body of an executed serial killer and the victim of a maniac trying to stop the demon of insanity, I will dwell in the American culture . During his surreal journey in the country they are faced with the physical aspects of the embodiments of the culture , many of which are fatal .

Comics full of psychedelic colors and touches on many topics of American culture - Kennedy , Hollywood, Hippie , Red Menace , and more. And so , by the way , this series is ranked 34 th in the TOP- 100 Spaydermedii . Not that it meant something , but still.

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