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Avengers Vol.1 #201-250

Avengers Vol.1 #201-250

Before going their own way , the Avengers will take time to clean up their house after the chaos of the last issue with Marcus . Once the repair is made , Tony Stark in Long headed the headquarters of the International Island Stark and receives an alarm note from his secretary ! Someone or something has stolen the chemical components of the high-tech research lab SI ! Meanwhile, in the house of Pima in New Jersey , the robot breaks in and steals containers ads Resin X and Y Ad resin from the store 's website Yellowjacket ! Could the two be related robberies ? Tony Stark is afraid of it!

Backing up the story : "Bully ! " Jarvis visits his mother in the Bronx and discovers that a local thug was disturbing the neighborhood . So Avengers butler brings his own brand of justice to the streets to solve the problem!

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