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Before the Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm and Logan #01-03 Complete

Before the Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm and Logan #01-03 Complete

What happened when Wolverine and the thing ran before they donned bright costumes ? This shows all the new story ! The Marvel Universe is full of tough guys , but they just do not come any tougher than Ben Grimm and Logan! This action-packed adventure takes place during the dangerous days of Grimm as a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force ( before he became permanently Lovin ' blue-eyed idol of millions ) and the time of Logan as a Canadian secret agent ( before it became X- Men's secret weapon ) . Needless to say , they throw together during a top secret mission? But can hardly stop the beating to death of each other long enough to get the job ! Thanks were noted Tony Stark , Nick Fury , Carol Danvers and the Black Widow ( and that's just in the first issue ) , this series sheds light on two of the most interesting ( and popular ) characters in the Marvel U. during part of their history we have rarely seen. Etobolee -top knuckle - bruising, full throttle adventure brought to you by the creative team of Larry Hama (WOLVERINE) and hot new find Kaare Andrews !

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