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What If - X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

What If - X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

RISE & FALL Shi'ar Empire was an event X-Men, like no other. Fresh off X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS , Ed Brubaker took Marvel's mighty mutants from the Earth and on the intergalactic journey to stop Vulcan , the third Summers brother , from exacting revenge on the Shi'ar Empire ! But in this final battle before M'Kraan Crystal, what if Vulcan absorbed the most energy that kept it many years ago ? In other words, what if Vulcan became PHOENIX ? When his unlimited rage is fueled with unlimited power ... who can stop him now? Writer Chris Yost ( X-23 , the new X-Men, Fantastic Four TV ) welcomes the return of the legendary X-Factor and Alien Legion artist Larry Stroman to the X- Universe with this action-packed issue.

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