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Hate #01-30 + Annuals Complete

Hate #01-30 + Annuals Complete

The hatred was written and illustrated by Peter Bagge it was first published in 1990 and held for 30 issues released napokvartalny schedule.

Hatred of Buddy Bradley " Bradley" neat things the story of Peter Bagge 's website . In the first 15 issues, he lives in Seattle with his roommates Smelly and George , and find love with Valerie then Lisa. Questions '16 see friends and Lisa back in the suburbs of New Jersey and re- enters the family Buddy.

When asked , Buddy Bradley was autobiographical v1997 interview with Peter Fantagraphics Bagge said , " I used to tell people that he was not. That is, it is sort of a younger version of myself, but I think that onne so well -adjusted on the version and takzhebolee active, grumpy version. once a year or two nazadzhurnal asked me to answer a number of questions in the voice of Buddy. it was not until I did it , and I realized that Buddy answers were just as they would have been if I had said to them when I relaized, yeah , I'm Buddy Bradley ! "

Hate Hate followed Annual published in 2000

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